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Graphite paper
Product description

Graphite heat conduction and dissipation plate is a brand new heat dissipation material, which conduct heat evenly in both directions, blocking the heat and components meanwhile improve the performance of the electric products.

Main applications: Graphite dissipation plate can be attached to any flat or curved surface, and can be cut to any shape required, mainly used for laptop, flat-panel display, digital video, mobile phone and other equipment as a new sealing component that used in electric power, oil, chemical industry, instruments, mechanical industry etc. to replace rubber, fluoroplastic, asbestos etc.

High-tech Electronic industry is one of the major markets; The graphite that produced by using high-tech can be used in the electronic products` cooling system, which enables the electronic products cooled immediately, such as LCD personal computer; Ultra-pure graphite can be used in lithium ion battery and Alkaline electrode to increase the electric conductivity; Ultra-pure expanded graphite foil can be used in fuel battery electrode to reduce weight and increase the electric conductivity as well.

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