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C/C composites materials
Product description

It is a highly advanced material, produced from carbon fibers, which are laid up in layers to form a carbon fiber matrix. Composites enable the production of components with low density (<2.0g/cm3) , high strength, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent friction performance, great thermal shock resistance, size stable. The material is ideal for the application in equipment above 1650℃, and higher goes up to 2600℃, so it`s considered to be one of the most promising high-temperature materials. Most of them are imported from abroad, to be used together with domestic high quality materials.

With it`s unique performance, they are widely used in aerospace, vehicle industry, medical industry etc; For example the nozzle and throat lining of engine for the rocket, the cap of the aerospace plane, wing side thermal shield system, aero plane brake disk etc.

Carbon-carbon composite material specifications of Ivy Advanced Material Co.,ltd
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